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Version 3.12.1 released

This is the first bug fix release for our 3.12.x series.

There aren’t any “super critical must upgrade” bugs fixed, so updating isn’t urgent. 😄


The changes in this over the 3.12.0 release include:


  • Completely reworked interface for accessing DBHub.io
  • Add .Net DateTime.Ticks to list of supported display formats (#2378)
  • Add more options for setting font sizes (#2306)
  • New predefined settings for simplified window layout (#2307)

Bug fixes

Building and packaging

Platform specific



  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-win32-v2.msi
    • 6fb72e41cf867e34d1fffdd5b544dc317fbbd25e3c4e56986d62de0c0e46da06
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-win32.zip
    • c12223a20c4b6e08d086e0d1f54ab0cba9b11b83698ed94f0bdf7728ac67e2f3
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-win64-v2.msi
    • 512f68ff998564b6a297ee0910563bd97808ce292bf09a840f097faea9be577e
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-win64.zip
    • 3dd4ccb07f5aabe86b8b12a2544169f9dc15c371f1655ce4072da5a0bd2d2ae3
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-v2.dmg
    • 45c8789dc77461299a0aeb9eaae2d089086e76eebae31b45b7a0ee48c1c9e898